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Take the plunge and widen your horizen by supporting such a cool company like SUNOVA!

Doing an internship abroad? Yes this was my plan! But where? After a lot of weeks searching on the internet I was desperate. The only thing I found were a lot of expensive agencies. And then (this vacancy was really good hidden :) ) - I found the offer of TBF! And I was amazed! The passionate way it was written and this open-minded company was a jackpot! So I wrote my application in November 2017 and a few days later I made my first call with Martin. After one hour of talking, laughing and planning Martin offered me this great internship for social media marketing and I said yes!

Three months later my dad drove me to the airport and with a mix of euphoria and a bit fear of the unknown I entered the plane. About 16 hours later I found myself in the sun of Phuket and got picked up by a taxi driver who brought me to Khao Lak.

It was cool that the driver brought me directly to the factory where Martin welcomed me together with Klaus and Bert. His warm-hearted laugh let me forgot all my fears and I felt comfortable right away. 

The first days we organized my apartment, bought necessary stuff, saw the beautiful site of Khao Lak and then started everyday life. 

Fortunately, Gui picked me up every morning with his car and we drove to the factory (yes the most people drive a scooter and I tried as well but failed badly :D)

I had my place in the office where I worked on my laptop for optimizing the internship process. Most of the time Martin had to travel between the old factory in the north and the new one in the south but Gui and Nok took care of me and also Em, who tried to speak a bit English to me every day.

During optimizing the internship process I calculated the costs for an internship, tried to think about questions an applicant could have and putted all the answers and other important information on the webpage.

Beside this project I started to help planning the dealer meeting (which Tim fulfilled) and to start working out a social media plan. Due to my short stay it was not possible to do more in the field of human resources or social media marketing. 

On weekends I went surfing with Gui and Nok and every night I went with them for dinner or they brought me something to my apartment (thanks to my not available scooter skills :D). Once I also tried to play soccer with them after work but for someone who is not used to play in flipflops it`s not the best idea :D

The last three weeks my cousin came for visiting me. She stayed with me in my apartment and Gui was so nice to take her to the beach while we went to work in the factory. If I had not that much work to do, we spent time together at the beach or went for a massage. The massages have been awesome! The nice lady had her studio in my road and one hour costs like 10€ only. Definetly one of my favorite things in Thailand ;)

Together we had some awesome tours to Surin Island, Hong Island and to Khao Sok national park. We also spent one weekend on Kho Phi Phi - if you want to have a good party I would highly recommend it :)

All in all it was one of the best experiences in my life and if you get the chance to be part of SUNOVA than go for it!

surf board detail