17th of April - 24th of April 2020, [CANCELLED]

24th of April - 1st of May 2020, [CANCELLED]

21st of September - 28th of September 2020, [TBC]

or 29th of September - 6th of October 2020, [TBC]

We will use the time to have solid program for you. The first and the last day will be used as ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE days.

IMPORTANT! The Camp will be maximum 10 people to keep this very exclusive. So get a place in one of these!


Khao Lak, Thailand. (click here to see where it is in google maps)

It is one of the most stunning areas in Thailand to have a holiday. Not yet as crowded as for example Phuket, Samui or other Tourism areas, yet it's is a nice little community just 1.5 hours north of Phuket Airport.

The Factory is a more 2.5km away from the beach and that's one of the reasons we are now manufacturing here.

The Waves are the main reasons we have built our factory to Khao Lak. Although Thailand is not generally known for its surfing culture or even waves, this little area is a bit of an outlier.  On top of that the waves here are super perfect for foiling. Basically it's FOIL HEAVEN.

The Hotel, the Apsara Resort is a super stunning beach-front resort and is located directly next to the SUNOVA board club/Memories Bar. Everyone will get a huge private room. Really...We recommend you stay longer with your partner or family.. that would be even more amazing experience!


Because foil surfing is a-maz-ing.

Our first foil camp 2019 was very successful and we have seen participants improve like crazy from the first day to last! So we are sure that next crew will also love it. "Foil surfing is the next big thing. So cool."



Anyone at any skill-level can come and participate in the camp. This camp is about learning and improving ANY of your foil-surfing skills.

Also, everyone can bring partners or family as we can offer a ridiculously good price! There are lots of things to do as well as for non-foil surfers.


The coolest coach James Casey. James has been on the forefront of Foiling since the good old days, and he is also a professional kite teacher and introduced and coached hundreds of people to love foiling. Imagine, he will be there the whole time to help you with your journey of learning the art of foil surfing!

Video Analysis .We will film the sessions and James is going to coach you with the video to help your awesome foiling everyday.

Discover and enjoy Thailand. Several optional paddle trips are possible depending of the mood, like this one to the James Bond Island. This could be one of the most stunning experiences you ever had!

The Cost. The total package price is;

AUD 3,500 / THB 73,000 per person.

(approx. USD 2,400 / EUR 2,200  / JPY 261,500) per person.

You wanna join? But ain't get wife (ok or hubby) visa? No worries, have a really good special partner & family offer!




Day 1

The slow getting there | Introduction | jet leg day

I guess after a bit of flight everyone needs drink! So this day will be a bit of a relaxing freestyle day, as opposed to the next few days (except for the drinks maybe). Plus we like to introduce ourselves.. There is a lot of thins you didn't know about us and we wanna tell you. Especially The Board Factory Co., Ltd.

And it's called THE Board Factory a reason. It's a toy factory. We wanna show you... . We are proud to work in paradise. Play DREAM video

Day 2

#FULLPOWER | Training Day 1

James will get you all sorted and organized on the equipment and we will get everyone wet. One way or another...

Every day will end with watching the videos of you guys and checking out why you are so frigging awesome... 

Day 3

Training Day 2

Since it's been quite cool so far we just keep moving. Let's do more of day 1. Finish it off with the awesome dinner at one of delicious local restaurant. Trust us food is really good here...

Day 4

Training Day 3

Train Train Train Train

Day 5

Training Day 4 

Same same, but different...

Day 6

Training Day 5

This is the last day of training and by now you will be as addicted as all of us and understanding what it means that you now have NEVER waves that are "not good enough". In fact you have started to see that you can basically always foil...

Day 7

This day is a Freestyle or Lay day, or Exploration day***...

for who ever likes  ... It can be moved with any day above in case the waves really are not as good as we like.

We can organize a day paddle trip in this area. This is one of the most stunning experiences you will ever have. Have a look at how this could look like James Bond island Dealer meeting trip.

There are a few options of day trips we can choose from and we will decide it at the beginning of the Camp. 

***This trip is optional and extra. We will make this happen if enough people want to do it. 

Day 8

In the end it's all good. If its not good it's just NOT the End...

It did finally end though, but like every end in life this is just the beginning. But trust us, from now on you will only need to foil ...



Is EVERYTHING. More and less consisting of the list below.

HOTEL | is spectacular location and everyone get a huge private room with free WiFi

BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER | are always included. And let me tell you. Its massive. you WILL gain at least 5kg...

PICKUP / DROPOFF | We are organizing shuttles that circle the hotel to Phuket Airport. It's a 1.5hour ride. 

TRAINING | 2 lessons a day with the coach and an analysis in the evening of each day.

EQUIPMENT | We are SUNOVA and SUNS as well as The Board Factory. We have all the gear for you.

And some more...

Credit 1,000 baht for use of any facilities in the resort**

Unlimited drinking water

Use of stand up paddle boards, surfboard during your stay

Meet the SUNOVA family and do a factory tour in The Board Factory or get yourself a custom board made there 

Optional trip to James Bond Island, Khao Sok or more (with extra fee)

Arrangement for extend stay is available

In fact, our place “Khao Lak” is not only perfect for foiling, there are still many things to do for everyone. Bathe with elephants, trekking in Khao Sok National Park, diving or snorkeling in Similan Islands, or a Thai cooking class… An almost endless range of activities. Imagine, during your serious training, your partner or family can enjoy and would have an amazing time.


We offer below special family package. 

Your wife, hubby, girlfriend or boyfriend  AUD 700 per adult 

Your children  AUD 500 per child (under 10 years old) 

One room can accommodate a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children in one room. If more people join (very welcome) and we can arrange extra rooms and you can pay an additional fee. 

**is excluded for family price in above package. 

Bring them along in our family package and combine a week of SUNOVA and SUNS foil camp with joy and fun together!!


Pre-Level: Theory! Learn  all about the wings, masts, boards and Foiling theory. 

Level 1: Learn to Foil! Start behind the boat to build confidence, get up on the foil, control the foil, pump and turn the foil, cross the wake, let go and pump. 

Level 2: Intro to the wave zones! - Assessing the conditions. You´ll learn how to paddle out: water entry, channel, shallow sections, paddling out upside down. And how to locate the best take off zone. 

SUP Specific: key pointers on paddling stance (Split stance, nose up, weight forward, Strong catch, high cadence) 

Prone specific: Paddling into the wave (Weight forward, the pop up, whitewater takeoff) Taking off: Keep the Foil down, go straight, angling across the wave.

Level 3: Wave Riding! You´ll learn how to pump in the waves: SUP pump and Prone arm swing pump. Learn how to turn: Wherever you look you will go, minute movements to turn. And how to stay high on the wave: always have speed!

Level 4: Intermediate Wave Riding! Learn all about bottom turns, cut backs, getting near the whitewater and linking waves.

Level 5: Advanced Wave Riding: You´ll learn about fading bottom turns, top turns, roundhouse cut backs, whitewater turns, attacking the oncoming section and linking waves to reentry oncoming waves.

Novelty Fun: You´ll learn about Doc Starts: the drop, feet positioning, momentum has to be forward. Beach starts: the setup, the run, the jump, feet positioning, momentum has to be forward. And last but not least Wind Foiling: conditions, the setup, how to hold the wing, what stance, getting up on foil and two foil whips.



Book flights to Phuket International Airport (HKT). 

If that's not directly available then you can book Bangkok (Suvannabhumi / BKK or DMK) Airport  and then on to Phuket. There are more than  30 flights a day.


If you wanna go elsewhere after this there are several perfect places within a short range of here. For example.

Bangkok, Thailand is only a 1.5 hour flight from here and even though it's a city, it's a stunning one. It's easy to have fun there for at least 1-2 days... Temples, River tour, Kings palace, Shopping for fake stuff, great food and these are only a few of those things.

Bali, Indonesia is only a short flight away from  Phuket Airport.

Ankor Wat, Cambodia is only a short trip away from Bangkok and you can book trips from everywhere. It's one of the most stunning temples in the world all enclosed in jungle etc. 


We will arrange pick up from the airport to the resort for FREE.

We will work out a time table depending on your flight details. So once you know your flight details please send them thru to


For most western countries it is NOT NECESSARY to get a VISA and most of the others can get a VISA ON ARRIVAL. Please check this page to see if your nationality is supported. 

For trips under 30 days, citizens of these countries — including the United States, Canada, and much of Europe — do not need a visa to travel as a tourist to Thailand. Citizens of countries with a bilateral agreement with Thailand may also enter without a visa, whether for as few as 14 days (citizens from Cambodia) or as many as 90 (citizens of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, South Korea, and Peru).


You will need to somehow get here from wherever you are... We swear its gonna be worth it!!!!


  • 3-4 Waterfalls within 15km
  • Phuket 
  • Krabi
  • Khao Sok National Park 
  • Similan or Surin Island 

If you want to discover more about Thailand and we difenerary recommend you to stay longer. We are happy to organize trips to these locations and make sure you get the best time ever..

Are you coming?

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