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Square Bag Q1

US$ 249.00

Prices exclude tax and delivery costs

The range of SUNOVA board bags ties well into our company vision and goals. We want to create the best boards on the market, so why not pair them with the best bags too? 

At the same time, we try to offer a point of difference to what "normal" board bags look like and add some color and an almost custom feel. 

With premium materials including 10mm foam throughout. Double padding and extra hard rubber protection in all critical areas. With backpack straps with front storage for all your 2-piece components and non-corrosive zippers, this bag will be ready for any adventure. 

This bag is the perfect fit for the following SUNOVA models; 2 Piece Backpack - Search, Point Break, Kruze, Steeze, Style, Style XL, Surf, Revolution, ONE, Skate, Speeed, Kanga.


The board bags are basically custom. Every bag has a digitally printed tail side which we make for every bag. Colors is what we feel is missing on most bags. So we found a way to add it...

Basically you could send us a photo you like and we could use it there. Its a uniqueness that is unique in the industry.  

The quality of the material and the strength we give these is the other point that was super important for us when creating these bags.