For a long time we have dreamed about a solution that allows us to take our boards to anywhere we want without all the hassle and trouble usually attached to taking boards on planes. 

For years we played around with different ideas and different solutions, material and systems. Then we came across The Carbon Compact System, and we were immediately convinced that this is it. 


surf board detail

Whats the advantage?


Go Anywhere. Go anywhere and take your boards. Travel wherever you like to without paying more for boards than for your own ticket. The longest board we made so far in 2-pieces is 19'8".

Save Costs. Airlines these days even IF they take surfboards continue to charge more and more. Its getting to a point where flying with a board a few times would have bought you a new board!

Protect your boards. And most of the time, after you already went thru the hassle to possible take the boards for a ridiculous extra fee, chances are high that the boards are broken.  


The Carbon Compact system is one of the most unique systems in the world to store surfboards in locations where storage is not easy to get by. After usage disconnect them and store/protect in the small bag until the next time you use them.

The Carbon Compact

The Carbon Compact

"The Carbon Compact is the world's most innovative two-piece surfboard system. The compact design disassembles to fit into a small board bag, taking the hassle out of traveling and storing large surfboards. Fit it in the trunk of a car, carry it on the train or pass it through most airport baggage claims without extra fees."

Patented Design

The Carbon Compact board was designed by Mike Becker and granted a full US Utility Patent in 2013. He engineered the ideal board for traveling that is easy to assemble and strong enough to withstand the heaviest surf. 

Mike Becker | Nature Shapes

The inventor and owner also runs and owns his own surf shop in Long Island, NY. 

With a love of surfing and a desire to craft, Mike Becker used his mechanical and hands-on abilities to create the Natures Shapes  label when he was sixteen. The name for the company, Natures Shapes came natural to him when he was thinking about how the boards should be created. "Each board should be flawless and become part of nature, or one of nature's shapes," explains Mike when asked how he came up with the name. 

While the company has grown, the same principals and ideas have not changed. Each employee has a common goal; build the best surfboards using the best materials and not cutting any corners. The customer wants to leave with the feeling of getting a great deal, and that is what we offer. Our entire staff at Natures Shapes is made up of people who surf and are part of the board building process, which is why we offer a great custom surfboard. From ding repair to Resin X, our hands-on approach is what makes us superior in the field. 

Whats in the box?


 - 2 Piece Board System

 - 2 Carbon Fiber Tubes

 - 4 Titanium Steel Bolts

 - 1 Multitool

 - 2-piece Board Bag (optional)

Yes there are!

Square Bags

These bags are the smallest they can be. Square and boxy so the least surfboard-look possible to avoid those terrible airlines charging you crazy amounts for something... With these bags the board needs to be dismounted.

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Pricing of the system