Arguably the best event of the year is coming to Thailand!

We were super stoked when the ICF announced that Thailand would host its 2023 SUP World Championship, right here in our very home country. We are proud to welcome our customers and team from around the world. 

Being in our own backyard certainly makes it easier when it comes to board transportation and availability for our riders.  But we aren't only supplying boards for our team riders, we are going to give everyone the chance to paddle their favorite SUNOVA board at the event. 

We have rental options in all major currencies at very competitive rates, if you would like to reserve your favorite board please fill out your details HERE

Additionally we are offering ICF participants the option to purchase the board/s they have used during the event for a 10% discount from the RRP, with their rental fee additionally deducted** from the purchase price. For more information and terms and conditions, please see below. 

surf board detail

General Information

How does it work?

We are offering boards from our entire range for rent during the ICF period, simply register your interest HERE by entering your details and requesting the board/boards you would like to rent, along with the time period and preferred payment currency. Our team will then contact you back to confirm and finalize details. Please note that filling out the form doesn’t guarantee you the exact board you requested, it is simply an expression of interest form. 

All boards for the ICF rental program will be produced brand new exclusively for this event, they will come with RSPro rail tape and a board bag.

Each rental board will also come with a SUNOVA care package to help you through your days at the event. 

Paddles and other accessories are available upon request, and are not included in daily rental fees. 

Pricing is available in Euro, USD and THB. Rates are daily (24h) period. 

EUR 80
USD 80
THB 2,500

Our team will be standing by at the event venues to assist throughout. Boards will be available for collection on site to save you the hassle of arranging additional transportation.

Purchase Information

How can i buy?

We are offering you the option to buy the board you will rent during the ICF period, with a 10% discount from retail price. Additionally the rental fee you already paid* (maximum 10 days) will be deducted from the cost. With the option to pick up the board directly after the race or delivered to your closest SUNOVA reseller back home. 

If you would like to pick up the board at your closest SUNOVA reseller back home, they will take care of the payment and delivery. 

If you would like to carry the board home with you from Thailand, you will be able to clear the payment with a SUNOVA representative during the event period.  Customisations are also available on request. If you are wanting to purchase a board, please let us know when filling out the EOI form, so we can ensure everything will be prepared for you. 

Terms and Conditions

What should i know?

During the rental period, the renter will be solely responsible for the rented board/boards. Storage and transportation are your responsibility. Our team can assist with different options, however any loss or damage will be bound by the renter. 

Any damage that occurs during the rental period will be the responsibility of the renter. TBF can provide a list of damages and fees upon request of the renter.  

Maximum 10 days rental fee will be deducted from the board price**