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Sebastian Steudtner

German Professional Big Wave Surfer. 

„Anything is possible. Believe in your dreams and find the courage to go after them.“


Sebastian Steudtner was born in Nuremberg, Germany, but it wasn't until a family vacation to France at the age of 9 that he learned to surf. He instantly fell in love with the sport and dreamed of being a professional surfer from that moment on. After begging his parents to attend a surfing academy in Hawai'i for years, they finally granted him permission at 13 and he packed his bags.

As his skill and confidence grew along with his desire to surf bigger waves, he ditched the sail and became a full fledged big wave tow surfer. In 2010, at only 24 years old, he surfed the year's biggest wave at Pe'ahi, Maui (Jaws), making him the first European ever to win the XXL Biggest Wave Award.

When Praia do Norte in Nazare, Portugal was discovered, Sebastian dedicated all his time and energy into surfing the biggest and most consistent wave on the planet. In 2014, he surfed a 71-foot wave at Nazare and won the XXL Biggest Wave Award for the 2nd time, putting him into a class of All-Time Elite Big Wave Surfers. After an injury and surgery that set him back in 2015, Sebastian is 100% healed and back to chasing the World Record for Biggest Wave ever Surfed.

We make waves - Project

We Make Waves is a personal project I created to help children that grow up in broken homes or with learning disabilities. Although these kids often have low self esteem, I want to instill values in them such as confidence and self respect by taking them surfing for the first time in their life. I've seen first hand how surfing can put a smile on a kid's face that comes from extreme poverty and even be a breakthrough for a child with severe Autism. If I can share my experiences and show these kids that their dreams are just as possible to achieve as mine, then I have accomplished my mission. For more information on the project and ways to donate, please visit the Laureus Foundation website or send me an email directly


WSL Global Bigwave Award 2010
Biggest Wave 

WSL Global Bigwave Award 2015
Biggest Wave 

NN - Athlete of the Year 2010 
NN - Athlete of the Year 2015

Nuremberg - Athlete of the year 2015

Action Sports Awards 
Surfer of the Year 2010
Surfer of the Year 2011

Chile Bigwave Award 2009 
1. Biggest Wave 
2. Best Performance


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