SUNOVA Internship

We are and make SUNOVA SURFBOARDS. Part of The Board Factory Co., Ltd.

In Thailand we run our own surfboard factory where we live, love, design, create, manufacture surfboards and other surf related products in a LEAN manufacturing or TPS (Toyota Production System) environment.

Our factory is app. 2km from the next reef break to be able to test boards and have fun with them.  We are a small company that has no intentions to become huge, but great. We concentrate ONLY on quality and never on quantity. Between the 3 owners we have more than 50 years experience in the surf industry and app. 30 years in the Automotive sector.


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For who is our internship?


1st of May - 5th of May.

We will use the time from 1st to 5th to have solid program for you. The 30th of April and the 6th of May should be used as ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE days.


Khao Lak, Thailand (click here to see where it is in google maps) | It is one of the most stunning areas in Thailand to have a holiday. Not yet as crowded as for example Phuket, Samui or other Tourism areas, yet it's is a nice little community just 1.5 hours north of Phuket Airport.

The Factory is a mere 2.5km away from the beach and that's one of the reasons we are now manufacturing here.

The Waves are the main reasons we moved to Khao Lak. Although Thailand is not generally known for its surfing culture or even waves, this little area is a bit of an outlier. 

The Hotel, the Apsara Resort is a 5 star super stunning place and is located directly next to the SUNOVA board club/Memories Bar. Really... We recommend you stay longer. We got a pretty damn good deal and will just pass that on. During the meeting we cover the room for anyone who is coming from the shop. Two people will stay in one deluxe room. (If you would like to bring your family, then we need you to cover the costs for them. If you intend to come earlier, stay longer or bring your family then let us know so we can arrange the rooms for you...)


The Reason we invited you here is to show you who we are and what we are doing. It makes us proud combing a Dealer meeting with surfing and products as well as allowing you to get an insight into our factory. You will also be able to see why and how we are doing things just that little different than others do...


We are inviting all our dealers, distributors, and their dealers, the Balsa Club Members, and our friends. 

Everyone can bring their family and we will be able to extend the rooms well before and after the meeting for a ridiculously good price.


Our Products. We will show you all of our products. There will be some new additions to the lineup that you are used. And we want to discuss our adjustments with you to see what else can be improved.

Our Stuff. We have been working on a few revolutionary new things. We will reveal these to you first and will present you the way we intend to change a few games over the next years together with you. Trust me, when I say there are at least 2 major things you wouldn't believe are possible. 

Our Friends. We are working with a lot of people that we respect a lot, due to what they do and how they do it. You all belong to that group in helping us get this great brand out there. But at the same time there are people who help us develop and design things and then share with us so that we can do what we do. 

Our Riders. Most of our team will be around and they will work on new things for next dealer meetings or middle of the years launches. Especially foiling is so new that a simple standard release and sales program would not work. Rather selling batches and make those better. We will film with them and create great content for us all to use.

Content Creation. Included in the friends group there are at least 5 Photographers, videographers and editors around during the whole time! It is our idea to use this amazing OPPORTUNITY to have you all here, in our home back ground with all our cool products, to create content for all of us! Also, create personalized content starring you for your shops. We believe that this will be awesome material to use in local marketing campaigns.

In a factory like ours, we have different projects to offer:

 Design projects

Graphic Design (work about web page details, brochure creation, flyers, ads, etc./Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, SKETCH App, etc.).

Video content creating and editing (creation of social media clips, working and assisting to create surf movies/video editor).

Photo content (product photography and editing, action photo editing for use in other projects).

 Social Media projects

Prepare and update social media content for our sites.

Plan and communicate with our team riders and film teams to create new content.

Update our customers of what's going on and what we are doing (on FB, IG and our web page).

 Marketing project

Knowledge of Kickstarter or other crowdfunding system -> creation of a Kickstarter project!

 Manufacturing projects

We are working in a LEAN manufacturing environment and are constantly creating new production lines, cells.

Manufacturing improvement and setup (with LEAN manufacturing or TPS (Toyota Production System) knowledge.

Continuous improvement.

Kaizen projects.

5S project.

 IT projects

Work on our IT and design with our team a full on internal and external IT solution, including hardware, software, emails and servers.

Help us create an internal Database for our ERP system that combines all areas of the company from CRM to manufacturing, customer service and commercial parts.

Networking knowledge, Apple Mac knowhow (we use mostly macs).

Database knowledge best usage of Filemaker, Access or other database programs.

 There was nothing for you?

No Problem! Tell us what you would like to do in our factory and maybe we can make a project out of that!

All projects are normally for 3 up to 6 months of an internship!

This is what you can expect:

You will work in our factory together with the locals.

We want you to be part of our team! Don't be shy.

Our co-workes are open minded, friendly and will look after you, going together to lunch or dinner is not uncommon.

On the weekends you are free to spend your time as you want to. Relaxing on the beach, going surfing, weekend trips to another city, island or sightseeing.

IF there are waves you surf...



Your passport must be still valid for at least 6 or 18 months (depending on your length of stay) when you first arrive in Thailand.

For the visa application, you already need your passport and to get a passport can take up to 6 weeks if you don't pay the express fee.


Book your flight to Phuket and we will make sure to get you picked up there. You need the flight confirmation for your visa application.


For getting a Visa you have to consider that you have to hand in all the required documents whether via post or personally at your embassy. E-Mail all the documents is not an option, so keep in mind that this procedure could take more than two weeks if handed in via post!!

What you need to do:

  • go on your local embassy website of Thailand
  • print the formula for the visa application
  • fill in: therefore you already need a return flight because both (arrival and departure) flight numbers are required
  • you need a valid passport with two empty pages and at least six months validity or 18 months if seeking one year visa, so make sure you have one!
  • you need a recent biometric photograph (4x6cm) for the application
  • you have to choose a ▢ Non-immigrant Visa ED (student) or B (if not)
  • furthermore you need an invitation letter. Don`t worry you will get this sheet of paper from us
  • a copy of your bankbook with minimum balance of €500 on account
  • proof of current or previous education, if any
  • proof of current employment
  • the Visa fee in cash

You will get a Visa for max. 90 days - after this 3 months you have two options:

You have to leave the country after the 90 days (at border), but you can re-enter and get another 30 days (only twice in one year).

Extend your visa at an immigration office for another 30 days.

For further information please visit the website of your local Thai Embassy.

 International health insurance

A normal travel insurance will probably not cover a longer stay for a couple of months. Make sure to get an extra insurance for your internship (e.g. at ADAC).


Make sure to go early enough to the doctors to get the necessary vaccinations (for some of them you might have to go several times and they need some time to be effective).

 Debit Card

You can get Thai Baht at an ATM in Thailand. But ask your Bank in advance if you can withdraw cash in Thailand with your debit card.

 International Driver License

The most european driver licenses are not valid in Thailand. They don't take it too strict if you don't have an international and you just have to pay around 500 Baht if you get caught but to be sure apply for an international drivers licenses at your local traffic office in advance if you want to rent a scooter (the costs should be around 15 Euro for an international driver license).


The sun is strong! You will need to protect your skin and take care of after sun products and lotions. Especially while surfing you should protect your face.

 Boardshorts and lycra

Don't forget, we are a surf company! Not being in the water will not be an option. A shirt (lycra) for surfing to cover your skin from the sun would be useful.

Check out what it means to be an Intern at SUNOVA!

Alex Scaria | September - December 2018

Tom Blaszuweit | October - December 2018


Tim Raudies | April- August 2018

Caro Ossig | February - March 2018

Example of costs for a stay of 6 months

Remember! This is just a calculation based on a person living in Germany! It can be cheaper or more expensive depending on your own lifestyle. Things like selling the scooter afterwards or making weekend trips are not included.
International health insurance
Food and Drinks
Total amount