surf board detail


Work, Waves, and Tides in tropical Vibes

My insatiable appetite traveling around the world and my passion for surfing let me drove down the main road of Khao Lak to find a perfect spot to get some good waves. On my way to the beach I recognized the big factory and due to the big banners in the window it was clear that these guys deal with something that let my heart beats faster.  

My job interview to say - extraordinary. I am always on the run catching cool spots thats why I was at the time of my application already in Bangkok. Martin had to arrange some things concerning the movement from the factory in the north to the one in the south thats why we met in Chonburi. We talked about the job during catching some waves on the wakeboard. After having such fun I got the job :)

Now being part of the SUNOVA-family feels really good. During the week I help building up the new production line in the factory. For example we have to build up new boxes and therefore we have to install the whole electricity. There are a lot of things to do and I m happy to be able help them with some of my skills. On weekends or sometimes even in the morning at 6 am before we start working we try to get some good waves. I am curious about the next months!


surf board detail