The challenge to catch every swell and sunset. 

After i said my family at the airport  goodbye starts my 14 hours flight from snowy Frankfurt to Phuket. I arrived at the dry session and the temperatures differences surprised me. After i collected myself picked me Sakon up and drive me to the company. Timo who worked for a month here, show me the Factory and gave me the first impressions about my work here. After that i moved into my super new and clean bungalow and i eat to dinner with Timo at the beach with an amazing sunset to the ocean.

Seafood Tom Yum Koong
Pad Thai with Shrimp

My first days was very relaxed and i had enough time to acclimatize. Martin show me the beach at the memories bar where we grabbed the boards and he taught me how to surf.  It was a lot of fun until it was dark and a total change for me after my hard exams. 

With the time grew up my surfings skills and i surf better and better. Three weeks after my arrival, i started my weekend trip with the motorbike to Krabi. I took my bed in a hostel and drunk some beer with backpackers there . On saturday i booked  a boat cruise to four islands around Krabi to snorkel and swimming around there. On sunday i drove to Tiger Cave close to Krabi and after 1600 steps and 2 bottles water i hiked up to the viewpoint.  The view was absolutely breathtaking!  I hiked down, drove back to Khao Lak and was done for the day.

How is the work and live here ? 

The typical morning starts by me with a bowl of oats and bananas on the terrace with smooth music. If we had some waves, i catch them with the employees from the factory. After that we go to the factory. 

It's now 8:15 am, everyone says "sa-waa-dii cap" with a smile and we begin with the work. I like the working atmosphere here. Everyone makes jokes, has good mood and we laughing together. I would say we are a perfect team that spend time at and after the work. At 12 o'clock we make Lunch and catch some thai food at our own canteen. It tastes every time awesome and is not to spicy if you new in Thailand. But if you want, you can test your spicy skills until you cry. Two words, Papaya salad! After the good Lunch we work until six o'clock and catch maybe the last waves with daylight and surfing into the sunset. You have to know that surfing is the most important thing here and it happens sometimes that we stop the work earlier for that. 

On saturday and sunday is free time. If you want you can cill out, read a book, go surfing or travel around the region here. So it never gets boring here. 

Low quality pic for some high quality people!! Part of the Sunova familly <3

After work, my fellow interns and I like to do different things everyday. Sometimes we just lounge around the bungalow and watch some netflix, or other nights we go out to the beach or the night market. Every day is a new adventure and I enjoy every moment of it.

The beach is super beautiful, especially during sunset, and never fails to amaze me. There are two night markets, which operate on alternating days of the week, which are both supr cool, with new food to try, and a variety of different shops that pretty much sell anything you need or want. I was amazed by the hussle and bustle of the area, and I have gone several times in my time here.

Posing for the #insta at white sand beach
Me and Denise at the Gecko Bar
White Sand Beach
Our infamous netflix and face mask nights

My Son Kran trip around the South from Thailand

 On my last there is started a diving trip to the two tiny Islands witch are stay under nature protection. It's unbelievable there! I saw Turtles, reef sharks and see horses there. If you want so see the corals on the ground you have to push the fishes away.

Khao Sok Boat Ride
Khao Sok Boat Ride ft Rouven
My view on the way to the coral cave!!! look at all that luscious green!
A happy face after being showered by the rain

After my diving trip i went to Koh Lanta and it was completely different to Phi Phi. So quiet and relaxed. I got in touch with two Americans and we checked the island out with the scooters. By the way the sun burn at midday so strong that the sun cream gets useless. At first we drove to a waterfall and after an hour of a Flip Flop walk trough the jungle, we got it. After that searched we a place to cill out and drove to the beach.  The island isn't really big but we left so often the right way. We left the island together early in the morning to Koh Tao.

Me sleeping
Me sleeping again (but less gracefully)

Chill Weekend In Khao Lak

My second weekend here was spent lounging around Khao Lak and relaxing after a tiring weekend in Khanom and Khao Sok earlier in the week. Friday night was spent relaxing at the bungalows, playing card games and hanging out with the other interns and Dylan. I think that night was one of my favorites because I really got to bond with the other interns and enjoy their company. 

Saturday was spent more or less the same way, with all of us mostly just taking naps and watching netflix in the bungalows. Later on in the day we went to the White Sand Beach and enjoyed the nice weather. 

Sunday was a bit more productive, as we went to a waterfall and got some BBQ. The weather was not as nice, but the breeze was still super refreshing. The waterfall was beautiful, with multiple levels that required lots of climbing. Nevertheless, all the hiking and climbing was worth it because of the breathtaking views that I passed by on the way there. Beware though, there are leeches and lots of bugs. 

Me and Denise at the Waterfall
the view while climbing up
Dylan and Rouven at the Bungalows on Friday (bromance<3 )
Me at the Waterfall

Bangkok !!!

My third weekend I went to Bangkok!!! First off I want to add that the flights were super cheap and the accommodation was also fairly priced so if you have the time you should definitely consider going. We left our bungalows early in the morning at 5:30am as our flight was at 8. As soon as we arrived we took a bus to our hotel "D&D Hotel Inn" and lounged around for a little bit before going to the temple. Wat Pho was beautiful, with so many intricate designs and patterns all over the place. It was huge, but my favorite part was definitely the building with the laying Buddha, because of the detailed paintings that engulfed the room. Each painting seemed to depict a story which I thought was so interesting and kept me looking around for at least an hour. 

Artwork in Buddha Building
Wat Pho
Wat Pho
Detailed Jewel Design at Wat Pho
Buddha at Wat Pho
Wat Pho
Temple Look! (has to cover shoulders and knees)

In the evening we went to the Lebua Sky Bar and enjoyed the breathtaking views that Bangkok had to offer. The dress code was super strict and the drinks were quite expensive, but it was definitely worth it for the amazing pictures I was able to take. The rest of the night is ancient history (; hahaha

Me, Dylan and Denise Cheesin !!
Marie at the Sky Bar
Sky Bar
The view from Lebua
Posing for a pic !! :p
The view
Me and Rouven at the Sky Bar

On Saturday we took a boat ride around the river and went to the floating market and the temple 'Wat Arun.' The floating market was our first stop, and I couldn't have been more happy to be there. I was surprised about how big the market was considering it was floating on the river, and the variety of cheap commodities that were available there. I was able to get 3 pairs of earrings for 100 baht, as well as try some Jackfruit (I LOVED it). We got back on the boat after around 30 minutes of walking around the floating market, and enjoyed the bumpy (but beautiful) boat ride again until we arrived at War Arun. I have to say, I was not expecting to enjoy the temple as much as I did. I was already so exhausted from the temple on Friday that I didn't know if I was up for another temple, but Wat Arun had such a different style. The white walls decorated intricately with small fragments of glass and jewels really took my breath away. 

After that we went back to the hotel and lounged around by the pool to relax after our long and tiring day. By the time we were all prunes from being in the water for too long, the girls decided to go shopping around Khao San Road, where we were staying. The street was so much to take in. There was music coming form every which direction, with what felt like thousands of stores lined up after the other, with a variety of different things that I wanted to see. I ended up buying one shirt, which I ended up changing into later that night. 

I would say that the night was pretty eventful. We hopped around many different places, enjoying ourselves and dancing around the streets filled with music. Rouven and I even tried eating scorpion!! It wasn't that bad, just super salty and crunchy, but that was quite the experience. After a few hours, we were all super exhausted and passed out in our hotel room (which was conveniently super close by). 

Khao San Road with the Gang
Details of Wat Arun
Wat Arun
Rouven and his scorpion haha