Why going out of your comfort zone is always the best way to grow...

That's me

Hi guys!

My name is Denise, I am 21 years old and from Germany. Doing an internship is a mandatory part of my study program (I'm studying Business Psychology in Mainz by the way) and since I have been aspiring after an international career for a long time, I dreamed from the beginning of my studies of doing my internship abroad. After searching and applying for weeks without any good response, I almost gave up my dream but then I saw the SUNOVA  job ad and couldn't believe my eyes. I applied immediately, and after a short and funny job interview with Martin I got the position.

I am more than just lucky and grateful to be part of such a dope company like SUNOVA, where you will not only work on your professional career but also on your personal development! Of course, I can also not complain about working in Thailand right where other people make vacation. Due to my tight schedule, I'm only here for 2 months but I can already tell you that I wish I could stay longer here in paradise. 

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You can find this swing at the White Sand Beach
Our own surfboard rack at the Memories Bar

Free your mind, surf when sun goes down!

We go surfing at the beach at least every second day after work. There is a rack at the Memories Bar filled with Sunova and SUNS surfboards, which we can use whenever we want to. That is so cool! Despite the fact that the waves are relatively small at this time of the year, they are still good enough to learn how to surf. However, it feels so good to be out in the warm water and at least to do some paddle exercises. When you sit on your surfboard and see how the sun goes down, it is an unbelievable vibe. You feel extremely free and forget everything around you. I really like this activity the most. 

BANGKOK the city of angels

On this weekend, there was Buddhist holiday on Monday so we flew to Bangkok. After we arrived at our hotel, we went out to grab some food. I was surprised by the fact, that there were so much people outside, dancing and drinking to some good music (it was at 2 am). At the next day, we went to the MBK shopping centre by bus. The bus was very cheap and much cheaper than in Germany. This was a great experience. At night, we went to the Red Sky Bar to get some amazing views over Bangkok. The view was unbelievable and the drinks were very expensive. Actually, we made some good pics tho. On Sunday, we made a tour to the floating market and the train market. It was nice to see but I would not go there again to be honest. Back at our hotel area, we visited some great temples and enjoyed the sunset at the famous Wat Arun. Over all I really liked the versatility of Bangkok. You can do whatever you want to do. Nevertheless, be aware of your valuables because the Tuc Tuc and taxi drivers think you are a walking ATM. Be sure that the taxi driver turns on the taximeter because most of the taxi drivers will tell you a fix price that is much more expensive.