Maybe the best thing I´ve done so far..

Hi, I´m Marie.

I´m fresh out of school and interning at Sunova for 4 months in the design and filming project.  

On my flight to Phuket I didnt really know what to expect and was wondering how my life will look like the next 4 months. All I knew was, that I was excited to work for a company with the same values as me and finally do something useful and meaningful, as I had been in school for my whole life.

My first few days were wonderful. I dont think I´ve ever met so many welcoming and open people at once. Everyone – and I mean everyone – here is not just friendly, but genuinely nice and caring. Even though I can get overwhelmed sometimes by too much social interaction I felt at ease.

Especially Nok took care of me, helped me find a Scooter, get a SIM card and so on. My first week was great, I was able to settle in and always had nice company around. 

Trip to Bangkok

On my first day in Thailand the other interns asked if I wanted to join them and go to Bangkok – of course I said yes. We stayed at the „D&D Inn“ on Khao San Road which is pretty nice and very cheap ! One of my favorite memories from Bangkok is the Wat Pho temple, which was so beautiful. Also the boat tour we did to the floating market, where we saw alligators and tried new food. And the Lebua sky bar - the fancy bar and the great view you get is definitely worth the expensive drinks !

Life in Khao Lak

Even though Bangkok was very fun I am glad to be back in Khao Lak. Especially now that I´ve finally moved into my bungalow I feel very at home here.

This weekend was my first time wakeboarding and surfing. Rouven was a great surfing instructor and it was soo much fun. We also went to Phuket and saw the big Buddha during sunset.

Occasionally it hits me and I think about how lucky I am. 


A friend I made in Bangkok – Demi - came to visit me this week. We went surfing together and this time I was the surfing instructor :D Surfing into the sunset is something very beautiful I didnt know I would ever do. I am so grateful for always having boards (the best boards obviously, because they´re sunova boards) on the beach, that we can use.

I didn´t have work from Saturday to Wednesday, because of Asalha Puja, which is a buddhist festival celebrated in July on the full moon of the month, and Beginning of Vassa (beginning of a three month annual rain retreat, where monks don´t go on pilgrimages and intensify meditation). Demi and I took our Scooters and started driving on Saturday. We went to Railay and Koh Lanta and had a great time exploring and meeting new interesting people. 

Everyday life in paradise

While the others went partying in Patong I enjoyed some alone time at home and went Stand Up Paddling with Martin and his family. I was stunned by the beauty and peacefulness of paddling through the river. On my way back I fell into oysters and had to go to the hospital to get stitches. So always wear shoes when Stand Up Paddling ! :D Martin was with me though and comforted me. Thank you Martin!

I love chill weekends in Khao Lak. I couldn´t do much with my foot, but we still went to the beach, I studied thai, we bought some crazy colorful shirts, made friends with a boba lady and a dog at a beach we called Thomas, Katharina colored the tips of my hair and we all in all had a fun time.