Day One // Intro


On the first official day of the dealer meeting, the 7th of May, we had our introduction at Zeus restaurant and bar at the Apsara resort. Everyone got together and formally introduced themselves and how they fit into the Sunova/Suns family, from team riders to CEO’s and shops/distributors to photographers and family. Everyone got a brief introduction to each other which essentially broke the ice and allowed them to form better relationships over the remainder of the week. After the introduction there was a small number of very brave souls who handled the ridiculously slow transfer to Patong beach to experience all Thailand has to offer. The rest is history, as what happens in Patong stays there.


Day Two // Paddle Trip


On the Second day of the meeting, the 8th of May, there was a very early start, it seemed especially early for some of the crew that went on the exploration mission to Phuket the night before. The trip started early at 5:30am from the Apsara resort, everyone got in van’s organised by transfer Tim. It was approximately a 1 hour drive before everyone arrived at Ban Sam Chong, where they were greeted with long tail boats for the journey in Phang Nga bay. After loading the Paddle Boards onto one of the boats and everything else on the four remaining, the tour into the misty rock formations could begin. Starting from an inland river mouth the boats channeled their way into the bay. Water from all sides, strong rainfall. Unloading the boards on a narrow beach next to a vertical cliff, then going for a paddle around the infamous James Bond island. 

After circling the enormous rock we gathered on the next small shell beach. Some of the brave foiled behind the longtail boats, with foils supplied by axis, trying to stay well clear of the sharp unrestricted prop. The always recurring rainfall, fog and mist gave the whole area a mystical vibe. 

Once the boards and people were loaded, we made our way to a small floating restaurant close to the peer where we initially started from, for an early lunch. On the way back to Khao Lak everyone was catching some Z’s in the van, so they were ready to make the most of the array of boards on offer at the memories beach Sunova tent that afternoon.


Day Four // Outro


The fourth day May the 10th was a slow start for many following the previous nights antics, especially Marcus’s new roommate, he was feeling rather flat. Transfers started leaving the Apsarsa at 10am bound for The Board Factory and a cultural experience that Thai people hold very close to their hearts. A group of Monks came to bless the factory and its occupants, they were chanting praise and good fortune for all that were involved. There was offerings provided to the monks and everyone sat before them and made merit. 

Following the Monk ceremony there was lunch provided and another opportunity to check out all the new products from Sunova/Suns for the coming season! Shortly after everyone was back to the Apsara and Memories bar to either kick back for the afternoon or make the most of the waves on offer. Certain folks also made the most of the alternating happy hour times between Memories bar and the Apsara. There was an Outro in Zeus restaurant at the Apsara resort where Tino and Bert thanked everyone for coming. Bert also got everyone stoked for the surf that was coming the following day. After the official Outro we headed to Martini restaurant for dinner with the whole crew. Early finish for most as they were either going home the next day or getting ready for the swell of the century.


Day Three // Factory Tour and Meetings


Once the 3rd day rolled around on the 9th of May, everyone was either super relaxed and ready for a big day of meetings or ridiculously hungover and not ready for life, depending on who they had been associating with over the couple of days previous. We started at 9:00am from the Apsara and arrived at the factory shortly after. The first item on the agenda for the day was a factory tour, with lean management (TPS) systems explained. Following that there were a couple new product releases including bags for the 2-piece race and SUP boards and a brand new never seen before product, a 3-piece foil board with interchangeable noses that changes the application of the board from surf to downwind SUP foil! After that Klaus did a presentation on lean material management systems. That wrapped up the factory presentation for the day and everyone had a two hour intermission before meeting in the Apsara conference room later that afternoon.

Adrian and Evan from Axis foils kicked off the afternoons precessions going through their latest offerings for the following season. Right after our good friend Trent from Moon tours got up and explained his business model and tours he offers, with the possibility to escape to some pretty exotic destinations! After that it was Tino’s time to talk, and everyone fell asleep. In all seriousness though we covered a lot of new products and topics. Some interesting partnerships with some big names in the industry such as Sean Poynter and Ian Cairns from Genration. Jim Terrell and QB paddles. Marcus presented his new SUP model the placid and touched on the 3-piece foilboard again. Dylan talked about the new Suns surfboard range and touched on the Sunova Morphlex construction! Sebastian Steudtner and Bert Burger spoke about boards and their goals for the coming season and finally we finished off with some of the latest and greatest inflatable technology ever seen. The meeting concluded at 5pm and it was a rush to get across the river to memories beach bar to abuse the 1 hour open bar from 5:30-6:30pm in that time there would have been around 200 cocktails cleaned up and 2 coconuts for the double N duo, Neil and Noic! By 6:30pm the food was flowing, there was a great assortment. A little later the triple threat, the three amigos were providing entertainment and table dancing clinics for all absolutely free of charge. This is where the night ended for most, and for the rest, well only they know.


SUNS Surfboards

As some of you may already know, a couple of seasons ago we launched the SUNS brand in SUP. This year we have returned in force with new offerings launching the SUNS Surf range. The idea is still the same, rock solid product, that covers a wide variety of users at an accessible price point. There will be much more information available over the coming weeks so keep an eye out for info packs dropping soon.

Wind Products

Sunova has developed a range of high performance kite and windsurf models over the past few years, these have been relatively underground until now, moving forward these still won’t be the most mainstream products we offer, however they are definitely available. Keep an eye on the price lists coming very shortly for model sizes and information. Learn more about the shaper Jonah Lepak here.

There has not been any real technology advance in windsurfing for many years. But the technology Bert invented for surfboards actually works for all the other board sports really well. Watch Bert explain the most important feature it in detail here, or find out even more about our technology here.

Three-Piece Boards

Last year a lot of people's heads were hurting with the introduction of the two-piece boards. To follow the trend of constant evolution this year we showed off the three-piece board concept, starting with the 3-piece foilboard which changes the application from surf to downwind. Also to keep with the general trend of Sunova, you have to wait! These aren’t available just yet, however as you all know we do a lot of research and development and over the coming months we would like to diversify this technology into race and surf, allowing you to travel with less boards, but be covered for more situations.

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There is no point doing something yourself, if there’s other people out there who can do it better than you (see partner section below). Our goal has always been to make the best boards possible and focus on that, because if you have vision on too many things at once you lose sight of what’s really important. We haven’t ever really pursued inflatable technology as there has always been other brands out there that have superior products. However we have landed on top of some really interesting new construction that is going to revolutionise the inflatable market. More information coming soon.

QuickBlade | Sunova 

When you think of high performance SUP paddles you generally think of Quickblade. Jim has been on the forefront of SUP paddles for a number of years with his technology and designs. When the opportunity arose to collaborate on a paddle using recycled and repurposed materials from our production line we jumped at the chance. Quickblade will soon be offering a paddle made from recycled Balsa and other materials from The Board Factory, keep your ears open for further updates. Watch Jim Terrell (owner of Quickblade) and Martin Jandke introduce the latest collaboration between Sunova and QuickBlade at the Japan InterStyle last February. We are working hard to make this available within the next 6 month.


At Sunova we are always looking at partnering with the best in there fields, and when you are talking about the SUP N Surf world it’s very hard to look past Sean Poynter and Ian “Kanga” Cairns. Ian is one of the originals, pushing the sport of professional surfing to the next level! Sean is no different, a multiple world champion, he is a modern day SUP surfer, pushing the limits of the sport itself. Together these two are an unstoppable team and we are glad to be working with them to launch the GenRation series. There will be a separate GenRation range, that will embody the essence of high performance SUP surfing. These are super high-performance boards and will set the bar on that level new.


THE SKATE stands for fun all the way. If there are no waves or big ones this board goes and it goes fast and easy. It’s super stable and incredibly easy to turn. You will be amazed how it just happens. 

If you want fun and you are not sure of the waves, this board is the board. Just a classic Fish - style board.


The STEEZE is the ultimate all-rounder in performance board. 

A traditional outline that maintains width and volume, increasing stability without sacrificing performance. This is your classic compact performance all-rounder. Your go-anywhere, all-round quiver killer.

Combine a full nose-riding nose with a traditional outline for manoeuvrability and stability.

Refined performance rocker that maintains paddling speed but lets loose when required.


THE STYLE is designed for the ultimate longboard styling performance without any compromises. Its amazingly refined shaped will allow you to nose ride, walk the board and turn it well. With the straight outline and thin rails it gives you what you need to look stylish. 

In one word: Longboarding...


THE SEARCH is a special design, combining several different areas in one. The board has a pretty classic surf shape with a nice round outline, a lot of rocker, nice and thin rails, nose and tail. 

Due to its length it also works really well in flat water as touring board, or as pure fun board due to its excellent stability. Weather you want to take your kids to pay, or ride 6ft swell, do 20km downwind rides, or just simply flatwater paddle in a lake, this board is as versatile as it gets. 

Search for the fun. It's built in...


THE KRUZE is one of the most all-round boards we have. Touring in flat water or play with your family, while still being able to surf waves. With a flatter rocker than the surf boards, it will be faster and easier to  paddle without surf. The outline and the shape still allows good surfing.

Downwind Foilboard

The Downwind FOILBOARD is and obvious step in the right direction, designed by Marcus Tardrew, so it definitely has a race influence.. Fly downwind like never before.


The DOWNWIND FOILBOARD is and obvious step in the right direction, designed by Marcus Tardrew, so it definitely has a race influence.. Fly downwind like never before.

Flatwater Faast Pro

The FLATWATER FAAST PRO is the ultimate proof of what technology can do. Possibly the lightest, definitely one of the strongest and toughest constructions available in the water. Double vacuum, full wrapped balsa sandwich, and an amazingly fast shape, that’s as stable as can be. 

If you are looking for an extremely faast flatwater board with maximum glide and stability this is the one for you. You will be able to go less wide than what you thought

Not fast, FAAST!

Allround Faast Pro

THE ALLROUND FAAST PRO is what its name says!!! A race board designed for any possible conditions to give you an edge when its all happening. Rough ocean, Downwind, Flatwater, Races, Training, Fun, APP, Eurotour... This board has a flatdeck design.

With a rough water focus in design the board works well upwind and crosswind also. When you want one board that does it all, its this FAAST.

Allwater Faast Pro

The ALLWATER FAAST PRO was designed for the Carolina Cup for Kelly Margetts to compete. A race that starts in the ocean but then is a grind in the flat before returning to the ocean and you never know what the ocean will be like on the day. We tested it for months in everything and it failed to disappoint. 

Requirements when designing was that it had to be stable for long distance, easy to ride bumps and control in general ocean conditions but also be competitive in the flat.

Perfect for downwind, rougher conditions, still flatwater.


The DOWNWIND FOILBOARD is and obvious step in the right direction, designed by Marcus Tardrew, so it definitely has a race influence.. Fly downwind like never before.

Ocean Faast Pro

The OCEAN FAAST PRO is a race board designed for rough ocean conditions. With a downwind focus in design the board works well upwind and crosswind also. 

Great board for those who are lucky enough to live in an area where the wind blows a lot. WA, MAUI, NEW CALEDONIA etc. Or a board to add to the quiver if you want the perfect board for all conditions.


A working name for a new shape Marcus and James have been working on. Just ready for the Dealer Meeting it was tested by James, Marcus and a few others for the last few month in Margaret River, Sydney, Indonesia and the Maldives. The general opinion between all involved and who saw or rode the board is that it's the coolest looking, best riding board for a great variety of conditions. It just has to be a Model... . 

We will create 5 main sizes to start with and it will be available as of NOW... in the standard SUP range. 

Check it out here:  James on the Placid in Margaret River and Day 3 Maldives | Placid feeling good


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